How to get Banned
Prop Pushing & Spamming
Committing Douche Baggery
Bothering Builders
Mic Spamming
Annoying or Lag Inducing Builds
Any form of Abuse
Lacking of Common Sense
Crashing Server on Purpose
Adult Content
Wiremod/ACF Builds
Impressive & Original E2
Assistance in Finding Addon Bugs
Teaching Wiremod & Expression 2
Server Location: Houston, TX
Note: Equipping a weapon removes god-mode and enables pvp. You must die to re-gain godmode.


Added Sub-Material Tool for new feature added in March Update.

SCARS is currently disabled until the author fixes it (it's causing constant server crashes

Server Operators
Cookie BeastBlock Muncher
Mortimer McMireMunch Blocker
AGTjroehrSuper Admin
Validating Workshop Collection ...

How to become an Admin

Help Xonos find & resolve bugs in addons that can potentially crash the server. You must be mature and willing to help manage the server with a willingness to help with management in general. Typically there is an age requirement of 17+. No "Can I haz adminz plzzz".

About The Server

This server is all about building and it is recommended that you constantly back up your builds. Gmod tends to crash and so do servers with many addons. We tend to focus more on wiremod builds however you are encouraged to build whatever it is that you want. If there are limitations that you need lifted, ask an admin and they can raise these limits for you.